Success in the classroom: How to help children with disabilities succeed

Children hanging out in the classroom. ( Photo: Shuntai Walker) 

Flint, Mich-- According to research 20 percent of adolescents have some form of mental illness. If untreated, it could lead to behavior issues and problems at school.

Clinical Therapist at Reconnect My Life, Shuntai Walker says there are two ways parents can go about helping their children with disabilities learn.

First she says have them evaluated at their schools, which is usually a free test. Next. see if your child falls under the guidelines for an Individual Education Plan( IEP) provided by the federal government.

The IEP provides individualized education a related services to meet the unique needs of the child. There are 13 disabilities that fall under this plan's requirements including, autism spectrum disorder, deafness and traumatic brain injuries.

If your child does not qualify, parents can see if they are eligible for the 504 plan which is more broad and includes helpful tools such as audiobooks and teacher aids in the classroom.

For more information on both plans you can click here.

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