Weiss Advocacy Center k9 advocate helps kids

For the past couple months, the Weiss Child Advocacy center in Flint has been welcoming a special new team member.

Her name is Daphne.

Daphne is a dog who works with the youngest abuse victims.

She’s man's best friend who found her calling.

When kids come to the Weiss Child Advocacy Center for forensic interviews, medical exams, or if they even have to go to court, the K9 advocate is always right by their side.

When you walk into the Weiss Child Advocacy Center a friendly face will greet you at the door.

“It's an amazing thing to have man’s best friend work with the kids and understand the trauma and not judge the kids,” Nyse Holloman said.

Daphne originally trained to be a service dog but didn't like traffic. So in June she decided she needed a career change.

“Once you see her with kids you see she's found her purpose it has nothing to do with traffic or

being a guide dog she just wants to be around kids and make them happy,” Nyse said.

Daphne now roams the halls of her home collecting pets and treats. Along the way using an animal's intuition to comfort even the youngest victims of abuse.

“If they're crying she'll go over and lay on them we've had kids that are in tears and they talk to Daphne instead of the interviewer about what actually happened. They kiss her, they pet her, they love having her as a resource, but more like a best friend sitting there not hiding them and talking to them,” Nyse said.

Proving sometimes the most unsuspecting animal can leave a big impact.

“We’re always looking to make our center better and I know because of Daphne our center is providing the best services for these kids,” Nyse said.

The Genesee County Sheriff deputized Daphne, so you'll often see her wearing her sheriff's badge in court.

You can follow Deputy Daphne's adventures online. We have a link to her Facebook page here.

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