Man ignores skin cancer signs; penis falls off and he dies, report says

    (Photo, MGN Online)

    A man from India reportedly had his penis fall off after he ignored signs of cancer and then died days later.

    According to the New York Post, the 82-year-old man waited 12 months to tell doctors about an ulcer on his penis and that he was suffering from "severe swelling and skin shedding." The story says doctors drained the swelling in the man's crotch and gave him antibiotics but the ulcer made the penis fall off two weeks later. Doctors then examined the wound and diagnosed him with a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.

    “In the present case, the patient neglected his initial symptoms and eventually developed penile auto-amputation (his penis fell off), inguinal abscess and widespread metastasis,” D.r Gaurav Garg wrote in the case report for the British Medical Journal (WARNING: Contains graphic image).

    The man claimed he had no history of sexually transmitted diseases, according to Garg.

    The Post says losing his member damaged the man's urethra and made him unable to properly urinate until he had surgery for doctors to give him a catheter.

    The man's cancer had reportedly gone too far to be treated and he died 15 days later.

    "Advanced presentations of carcinoma penis occur due to ignorance and social stigma despite availability of sophisticated healthcare technology," Garg said in his report.

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