Hillary Clinton stops in Flint to discuss water crisis

Hillary Clinton speaks in Flint

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton making a stop in Flint Sunday to address the ongoing water crisis and speak to residents about what they can expect in solutions.

"Congressional representatives are working to get $200 million to fix Flint's infrastructure," Clinton said. "Congress needs to pass that bill immediately. This is no time for politics."

When addressing the possible health affects from the lead exposure in the water, Clinton says she wants long term solutions.

"We don't yet know how many children how many children's have been affected," Clinton said. "We don't yet know how many challenges they'll face. But one child suffering from the state's neglect is one too many."

The water problems started back in 2014 when the city switched from the Detroit Water system to the Flint River, corroding the pipes with lead.

"Clean water is not optional," Clinton said. "It is not a luxury."

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