Kildee and congressional team meet with Flint residents


Congressman Dan Kildee meeting with Flint families today to hear face to face stories from the Flint water crisis.

Kildee was accompanied with a congressional team as he introduced a bill requesting over 1 billion dollars in state and federal funding for everything from replacing lead service line to creating a head start fund for Flint children exposed to lead.

"We can get through this," Kildee said. "We will get through this. All we need are the resources to carve a path forward. We can make Flint better than it was before."

"Mr. Governor...You have money," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas. "The immediacy of this deserves your attention. Send the money."

Flint residents have seen problems with the water since Flint switched from the Detroit Water System to the Flint River back in 2014, corroding the pipes with lead.

With $200 million in health monitoring, Kildee's bill looks at the long term health effects residents say they fear may come from the lead exposure.

"Help us fix the water back and make it be better for us to drink," said Danya Jordan from Flint.

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