Profitt Report: How much will a new ski/snowboard hobby cost you?

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The 2018 winter Olympic athletes are awe-inspiring. But if you’re interested in hitting the slopes for the first time after watching the games, how much money will it need for the bare essentials to get started? The vice president of Shumaker’s Ski and Snowboard in Flint it all starts with your foundation: your feet.

“Because in store versus on the hill are two different things,” said Tony Shumaker, VP of Shumaker’s.

He said you can have a beautiful set of skis, perfect poles, but if you skimp on your boots, it’s not going to feel good.

“If your feet hurt, if you're cold, you don't want to go skiing so… you've lost your whole investment,” he said.

Shumaker said how you stand normally and how you stand in skis are different: you’ll have a forward, athletic lean while on the hill. You want them secure, not too stiff and a good sock with no wrinkles, fitted around your foot.

Next, the base layer around your body.

“You want something that keeps you dry and keeps the moisture away from you and then to a pant and a jacket, something that's going to be warm but breathable,” Shumaker said.

Brand new, boots, a coat, snow pants and gloves could cost hundreds of dollars, so here are your options:

You could try to find something on eBay or Craig’s List.

However, be careful, remember what Shumaker said about boot fit and do your homework before buying.

You can rent entire snow outfits online: a woman can rent snow pants, a coat, gloves and goggles for $36 a day at Kit Lender.

That same outfit brand new would cost you more than $600. Of course, now you get to keep it.

Hills will allow you to rent boots, skis and snow boards as well. You’re looking at $30 a day at Mt. Holly in northern Oakland County, versus several hundred dollars new.

As for kids, they grow so fast and you have some options. Shumakers has a lease program for kids, for example.

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