Profitt Report: Quick but healthy school night dinner ideas

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The one thing moms and dads seem to be in short supply of during the school year: time! With homework, sports, dance lessons, after school is often anything but relaxing.

For dinner time, the drive-thru is always there but if you want something home-cooked and quick, we have some options.

Saginaw Township mother of two Michelle Mersy created a meal chart with her girls.

“I created it to help them learn about nutrition and balancing your meals,” she said, “they would sit down with me and choose what we're going to have to eat throughout the week.”

Now that her daughters are a bit older, the play a bigger role.

“A lot of times we'll have one meal per week that they can make so that they can be a part of it and learn to cook,” Mersy said.

Covenant HealthCare Registered Dietitian Ann Hoffman offers some tips for creating a healthy but quick meal.

“Trying to have a fruit, a vegetable, a starch and a protein source,” Hoffman said.

In other words, keep it simple! Black beans, corn and tomatoes are all it takes to make a meal.

You could sauté them on the stove or place them in a crock pot with spices.

The internet is full of week night dinner ideas. For example, when you make dinner, simply make two batches and freeze the second for a busy night.

To sneak in some veggies, Hoffman likes to use vegetable pasta.

While sit-down dinners are luxury for busy families, simply making your meal together can be both a time-saver and time to bond.

“That’s nice family time, it helps me feel like I’m helping them learn how to live their lives, they have to learn as they grow older, how to do different things,” Mersy said.

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