Profitt Report: Survey says majority of professionals experience the Sunday scaries

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    Even if you love your job, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the start of a new work week. That feeling of anxiety at the end of your weekend has a name: the Sunday scaries. A survey from LinkedIn finds a majority of professionals experience this at the end of their weekend.

    We asked an assistant professor of psychology at Saginaw Valley State University, what can we do about those feelings of anxiety and dread?

    “I would argue it's ever bit as normal as feeling a little bit happy on Friday, so we have that little boost when the weekend comes and a little drag at the end of the weekend,” said Dr. Travis Pashak, “that's normal.”

    He suggests taking good care of yourself over the weekend. For some, that might mean adding exercise to your routine.

    “For some people when you're trying to get to sleep and you have all these thoughts running about what you're concerned about, it helps to put it somewhere, so writing can be useful,” Pashak said.

    Mapping out your priorities for the week ahead by journaling or organizing your calendar could be useful.

    Next, how’s your sleep hygiene throughout the weekend?

    “Turning off your devices when you're getting ready for sleep, trying to get to sleep at the same time, not doing things that are physically strenuous right before bedtime because that's going to activate your body,” he said.

    However, if it goes beyond the blues and you’re feeling too overwhelmed about the week ahead, Pashak said it might be time to find help from a professional. To learn more about the Sunday scaries, please click here, here or here.

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