Profitt Report: This restaurant has been serving up authentic paczkis for decades

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They’re a fatty, calorie-rich, unique treat you can only get once a year: paczkis! Whether strawberry, Bavarian custard or prune-flavored, thousands of paczkis will be eaten across mid-Michigan on Fat Tuesday.

Responsible for a portion of those delicious Polish delights? Krzysiak’s House Restaurant in Bay City. They will make about 10,000 paczkis between Monday and noon on Fat Tuesday.

“Our boss is from the Polish heritage so paczki is a big deal here,” said Jeanne Preston of Krzysiak’s.

She oversees catering, their wholesale, the office work and more: basically, she keeps the place running smoothly.

But back here in the kitchen,” Preston credits their long-time paczki expert.

“We have our gal here Ruthie who's been in charge for about 25 years of our paczkis,” Preston said. “Ours are from an original Polish pastry so it's the Polish recipe which makes it a heavier dough compared to a jelly donut… but it's delicious.”

The fuss around paczkis? Catholics will abstain during lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday. The day before is all about indulgence and bringing together community here at Krzysiak’s. They hold a part Fat Tuesday morning including a polka band, breakfast specials and of course: paczkis.

It’s not just the paczkis that have made Krzysiak’s successful. They have a nice following when it comes to their dining as well.

“We are known for our delicious homemade chicken noodle soup, those have our homemade noodles in it, it's big, people are walking in and out all day for that soup,” Preston said.

In one year, they’ll make 175,000 gallons of chicken noodle soup, 225,000 pounds of fresh chicken and 35,000 pounds of homemade sausage!

“Everything here is homemade, that's something we pride ourselves on is making everything from scratch and it's because that's the way we want it, we like giving people home cooked food,” Preston said.

In the nearly 40 years they’ve been open, they’ve had to expand five times to accommodate the demand. However, sticking to that original, homemade feeling has been their secret to success.

“That feeling of being at grandma's like it used to be on Sundays and just having really home-cooked food and we're here for them,” Preston said.

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