Profitt Report: Where to find affordable after school child care

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The new school year brings new challenges, including finding reliable after school child care. After school sitter costs more than $230 a week on average according to

If you’re paying that much for after school sitters, in an entire school year, that’ll cost you more than $8,000. But with a little digging, there are after school programs that cost you pennies a week.

“My mom was a single parent she was working,” said Tauzzari Robinson, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint, “so I would've been at home by myself.”

Instead, Robinson went to the Boys and Girls Club after school. Today, he’s in charge of the Flint chapter and helps area kids find a healthy place to learn and grow. One of their programs offers a safe space for kids after school.

“It’s $10 for every new member, $8 to renew every year after that, of course if there are any financial difficulties or things like that, we do work with the parents,” Robinson said.

That $10 goes a long way: from 3 to 8 p.m., Monday-Friday, kids have access to homework help, sports, art and various educational programs.

“Some things are planned and implemented by the staff, we hire local volunteers as well, we have some national Boys and Girls Club of America programs,” Robinson said.

The only trick is getting your kids to the center on North Averill Avenue. They partner with a few Flint-area schools and bus the kids here.

“Some families, the parents carpool together,” Robinson said.

For more information on the Flint Boys and Girls Club after school program, please click here.

In Saginaw – you’ll find a similar program. For September-December, it’s $25. From 2:30- 7:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, at the YMCA of Saginaw on Fordney Street, hosted by Great Lakes Bay Region Boys and Girls Club. For more information, please click here.

For more information on Saginaw after school programs, please click here or here.

For more information on Flint after school programs, please click here or here.

For information on Bay City after school programs, please click here.

Some schools will offer a before or after school program - check with your district for localized information.

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