PTG: Brooklin Klopf finding strength in uncertainty

Montrose Track and Field star Brooklin Klopf is eyeing her second straight state title in the shot put.

It's only through experiencing adversity that we grow. Some people crumble under the weight of it and some thrive, that's Brooklin Klopf's story. She's comes from a military family, and most people who've grown up in that situation all have one thing in common, change.

"I've moved to a new school every year since kindergarten."

She's moved 11 times to be exact. This is her second year at Montrose and while that kind of constant change would do a number on a lot of kids, in Brooklin's case, she's found strength in the uncertainty.

"The constant adjusting I think has helped me learn skills that many don't. Like I've learned to communicate better and just adjust, it's been hard but I think it helped me in the long run."

Succeeding in the shot put takes strength and power but those things haven't come easily. Last year, she took up power lifting in order to help her become a better thrower, and in her first year of competition, she took home third place at state. And after just two years of throwing the shot put, she won the state title with a throw of 40 feet 3 inches.

"I'm the type of person where, it's never enough so I think there's definitely more to accomplish." she said, "Definitely this season I'm not even close to where I want to be."

Her coach, Mike Stuart has been instructing throwers for almost 30 years, and in Brooklin, he sees a world of potential.

"She's already hit 42-1 in practice. I've been to 700 track meets and other than a couple of girls I've coached and the division one state meet, I've never seen a 42 foot throw at a track meet."

Stuart was instrumental in helping Brooklin accomplish another goal in her life as well, she'll be throwing for Central Michigan starting next fall.

"Mike helped me out with that a little bit because he knew the C.M.U. coach and then he got a hold of me and came and watched me practice and I went up there for a visit and stayed the night for an official visit and I really liked the campus and the team."

When she's throwing, Brooklin is in her element. You might assume the strength and power on display comes from hours of dedication in the weight room, and at practice, but you would be wrong. Her power comes from within. It has guided her through all of the adversity life has to offer. That power to persevere, and the strength to keep moving forward, no matter what the odds, will continue to take her down her path to greatness.

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