Plans for brand new playground make Berston Field House "Beacon of Hope" once again

Berston Fieldhouse Playground

Berston Field House in Flint is one of the most historic recreational facilities in Genesee County. Built in 1923, it's one of the first to be fully integrated in the region. Back then, it served as a "Beacon of Hope", and while talented athletes have still come out of the facility in recent years, its grounds aren't what they once were. But, some organizations want to change that.

NBC 25/Fox 66 and KaBOOM! along with Make An Impact Foundation have joined forces to build a state of the art playground at the historic Berston Field House in Flint.

This September, "Make an Impact" week will feature daily activities bringing the community together, centered around a brand new playground at Berston Field House, replacing the rusty and decades-old playground that's currently on the property. It will help shape the future for the site, as priorities will then move to improving the ballfield and overall aesthetics of Berston itself.

"This city has already been a very, very resilient city," Bryant Nolden, Executive Director of the Friends of Berston, says. "With all the challenges and things that have taken place over the last few years, I think this is a great opportunity to start anew and be able to have something we can really be part of."

"It's about finding a new rally cry," Dale Gillmore from Make an Impact Foundation says. "Maybe shifting culturally if we can, we want these kids to have the same opportunities in life as other kids and I feel that's the most important thing and that's why this foundation exists."

The build in September will require volunteers from the community, and "Make an Impact" week in September will culminate in a celebration at the Fox 66 Fall Festival on September 17th.

It doesn't end there though. Those organizations have pledged to build six playground around the city of Flint, starting with Berston.

If you're interested in being involved with the project or becoming a donor, contact Dale Gillmore at or call 980-579-7426.

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