Brew at the Zoo hoping to get guests on party train and the zoo's train

Brew at the Zoo, Children's Zoo at Celebration Square (Jesse Gonzales/WEYI/WSMH)

It's a place known for catering to children, but Thursday night was for the kids at heart. It was a special event at The Children's Zoo at Celebration Square.

Brew at the Zoo combined cool drinks and some pretty chill animals all to accomplish an important goal. The goal was to get all aboard the party train and eventually the zoo's train. Organizers are hoping to raise $218,000 to make the Iberschoff Special handicap accessible.

Guests were able to enjoy animals, brews, wines and local restaurants after making a donation to get in.

Organizers made sure zoo goers enjoyed their brews with ease. Designated drivers received a $15 discount on their tickets.

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