Fenton restaurant week continues through Saturday night

The Fenton Fire Hall served up Mahi Tostadas as a special dish for Fenton restaurant week.

FENTON, Mich. - There's some special deals on the menu in Fenton this weekend.

More than a dozen restaurants are participating in Fenton's third annual restaurant week.

One of those restaurants is the Fenton Fire Hall.

"I think it's a great idea, I think it's going to draw more people to see what there is to offer,” said Fenton Township resident Tawna Martello.

She was busy enjoying dinner with her family at the Fire Hall on Friday night.

"The restaurants in Fenton are pretty unique there's a lot of different flavors, a lot of different cultures that are mixed in here,” said Martello.

Each participating restaurant features a special dish through Saturday night.

Fenton Fire Hall chef Greg Arnett cooked up mahi tostadas.

"I figured something like this would be a step outside the box of what we normally do. I ran this on special like a year and a half ago and it smashed," explained Chef Greg Arnett.

"I wanted to try the special, but [I'm] not as adventurous as some might be," said Martello.

The Fenton Fire Hall opened in 2013, and they're still one of the newest restaurants in town.

General Manager Mike Yahner hopes this week wins the restaurant some new fans.

"Lots of these other places are longstanding traditions, so we still consider ourselves a new part of the community,” said Yahner.

Fenton Restaurant Week ends Saturday night, but the Fenton Fire Hall will serve their special mahi tostadas through Sunday night.

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