Frankenmuth officer retires after 50 years serving in Saginaw County

Officer Tom Daugharty in his early years as an officer. (Duff Tyler/WEYI/WSMH)

For the first time in five decades, a Frankenmuth police officer will spend the weekend as a retiree. NBC25 and FOX66 shared with our viewers the video of Frankenmuth police officer, Tom Daugharty signing off after 50 years of service on our NBC25 Facebook page and 35,000 people, our viewers, watched it.

Friday night at the Bavarian Inn Lodge, Daugharty’s family and fellow officers helped him celebrate 50 years of service in Saginaw County.

"I am going out of service after 50 years thank you!" Daugharty said as he put down the microphone.

“When I saw it I started crying, and I talked to all my brothers, and they started crying also," his youngest son, Adam Daugharty said.

Frankenmuth Police Chief, Don Mawer, said he will remember Tom fondly.

“He is irreplaceable, he really is. He's leaving a hole in our community and our department," Mawer said.

Tom was 19 years old when he signed up as a cadet. He got his first job in Saginaw and would spend the next four plus decades working in Frankenmuth. His wife, Linda, teared up talking about his time as an officer and his retirement.

"He never complained about going to work, never. Its been fun because Tom's job as a police officer was not work, it was a joy for him," she said.

Tom said one of the memories he holds closest is working with children as a DARE officer, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, in Frankenmuth schools.

“Skittles was a big part of my class. I would always start out class with a question. You would get Skittles if you answered it correctly. I gave out hundreds and hundreds of bags of skittles to the 4,000 kids they figure I touched over the years," he said.

While Tom may be a retiree – he will always be an officer at heart

"I loved it. It was a great job, a great community," he said.

Tom plans to do some camping and hunting in retirement and spend plenty of time with his wife, four sons, and three grandkids.

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