Linden Charter Academy students share poetry with poet, Poetri

Students laugh as Poetri speaks at the Linden Charter Academy Poetry Slam. (Sarah Tadajewski/WEYI &WSMH)

Linden Charter Academy held their annual Poetry Slam on Thursday. The event gives students the opportunity to read their poetry in front of their peers.This year the famous poet, Poetri, joined students to host the slam.

He is from Michigan and jumped at the opportunity to help support the youth of Flint. He flew out from Los Angeles to support the young poets.

"Making it a habit to write poetry, you don't have to do it for money or anything like that. You're just writing to release stress, to release tension, to release anything cause when you get done writing you feel so much better. So if we can start them early cause life as we all know it is a rough journey so let’s make it less stressful for us, so write it out," Poetri said.

Poetri tweeted before the event, “I’m at Flint Linden Charter Academy in Flint, MI and I am super excited.”

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