Snowy weather is big business for video stores

Snowy weather is big business for video stores

Thursday's snowfall left the roads slick and slushy.

Many drivers say they miss the warm temperatures mid-Michigan saw earlier this week. But for video rental stores, the snow brings an increase of customers.

Store manager at Family Video in Grand Blanc Township Kim Mucciante says knowing the forecast is part of her job.

"I always joke around and say whenever there is a snowstorm people say let's get in the car and go to family video," she says.

This comes despite most video stores closing nationwide. Mucciante says customers rely on their service.

"They usually come here, the grocery store and then go home for however long until the roads are better," she continues.

Shopper Sydney Ackerman says this snowy weather gives her an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane. She's renting a video that her grandfather suggested.

"When i was a kid i would always come with my dad," she says.

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